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Daftar soundtrack Narnia : Prince Caspian

1. “Prince Caspian Flees” Harry Gregson-Williams

2. “The Kings and Queens of Old” Harry Gregson-Williams

3. “Journey to the How” Harry Gregson-Williams

4. “Arrival at Aslan’s How” Harry Gregson-Williams

5. “Raid on the Castle” Harry Gregson-William

6. “Miraz Crowned” Harry Gregson-Williams

7. “Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance” Harry Gregson-Williams

8. “The Duel” Harry Gregson-William

9. “The Armies Assemble” Harry Gregson-Williams

10. “Battle at Aslan’s How” Harry Gregson-Williams

11. “Return of the Lion” Harry Gregson-Williams

12. “The Door In the Air” Harry Gregson-Williams

13. “The Call” Regina Spektor

14. “A Dance “Round the Memory Tree”” Oren Lavie

15. “This Is Home” Switchfoot

16. “Lucy” Hanne Hukkelberg


One comment on “Daftar soundtrack Narnia : Prince Caspian

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